Hey there! I am Akshit Sehgal, an engineering student from Delhi Technological University (formerly DCE) and I welcome you to the amazing world of Software Development, Visual Arts and Internet of Things (IOT) across the Web, Mobile, Desktop and Embedded platforms.


Programming to develop something is all about reaching people through various platforms, solving their problems and bringing about a change

Android Applications

Developing & designing mobile applications incorporating Material Design, Google Maps & Location Services, Firebase, Google support libraries & other APIs using Android Studio

Web Development

Frontend website development using HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap & ReactJS.
Backend API development using Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Socket.io & Firebase.

Visual Arts

Creating graphics, artworks, patterns, wallpapers, physics simulations, interactive modules, visual effects and animations through programming using Processing IDE & p5.js

Microcontroller & IOT

Building hardware prototypes for Internet of Things integrating ATMega328P Microcontroller & different sensors along with mobile application (using Blynk IOT Platform).


Showcasing my works across various platforms.

Android Development

Collection of different applications published on the Google Play Store

ST Bus Tracker

Allows school admins and parents to create/edit routes and track bus driver`s activities and receive alerts using Maps & Location APIs with Firebase as backend.

Plan It Out

Organize events and manage your guest list, tasks to carry out, track your expenses, plan the itinerary or delicious meals to serve & send event invites.

SPA Group

Provides a customer`s policy details via RESTful Web APIs and allows the employees to apply for leaves and broadcast messages using Firebase.

Remind Me

Tracks the user`s device location in real time and reminds the user to perform location based tasks along with navigation details using Maps and Location APIs.

Web Development

Collection of different frontend and backend applications developed

Retailer Management Application

An inventory management web app to keep track of current food stock with order management and perform analysis using regression algorithms.

Warranty Renewal Application

A cross platform desktop app to keep track of service contract details, start discussion rooms/chats as well as receive desktop notifications.

REST API (Hashing & Tokens)

A complete RESTful JSON API integrating a database server, login system, authentication tokens (JWT) & password hashing (using Bcrypt).

Walletify - Expense Manager

An expenses manager app to keep track of a user`s expenses over a period of time as well as overall amount spent on various commodities.

Discussion & Chat Application

A realtime multi-room chat app which allows users to start realtime chat rooms for private conversations & location sharing via Google Maps.

Interactive Wishing E-Card

A mobile first interactive digital E-card for sending wishes and messages including photos, videos, sounds and animations.

Visual Arts & Creative Coding

Creating graphics, wallpapers, physics simulations, interactive modules & visual effects through programming using Processing IDE & p5.js

Visual Effects

A collection of visual effects, physics simulations, animations and creative artworks

A simple visual effect generating some interesting radiant patterns.

A simple visual effect showcasing a moving fractal tree.

A simple visual effect generating 3D waves and vibrations.

A simple visual effect showcasing explosion of boxes made up of particles.

Wallpapers & Designs

A collection of designs, wallpapers and natural elements created through different algorithms.

Realtime E-Learning

A collection of interactive and realtime learning modules making use of computer graphics.

Visualising Physical Forces

Realizing physical forces and natural phenomenon using realtime computer graphics to aid learning

Visualising Computer Networks

Realizing computer topologies and transmission techniques using realtime computer graphics to aid learning

Microcontroller & IOT

Collection of different prototypes developed to implement Internet Of Things

Smart Refrigeration System (Hardware)

Prototype of a refrigerator compartment which keeps track of the various fruits & vegetables as well as offers an ordering system on a mobile application

Ecosystem Monitoring & Watering System

The prototype monitors the water levels, temperature etc. of the plants & allows operation of water pump via a mobile application over the internet

Retro Digital Handheld Video Game

Prototype of a digital handheld videogame featuring 3 different games with an LED matrix display, scoring system, tactical buttons & sound

Voice Operated Digital Clock

Prototype of a digital clock, useful to view time, room temperature, set up alarms & countdowns using voice commands (Google Voice) over bluetooth

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